Artist Brush manufacture began at our Lowestoft site in 1946 when several key employees transferred from our London premises to train and develop our work force. This link with the past continues, our senior brush supervisor Robert Harrod who has over 39 years service began his apprenticeship under the watchful eye of Percy Simms who worked for the company for over 51 years joining the London premises in 1926.

Production initially began on Educational brushes, developing on to Fine Art ranges as our skills developed, using traditional hand made methods. Over time these brush ranges have widened to include craft, hobby and cosmetic ranges bringing the annual volume close to over 25 million units.  Traditional brush manufacture techniques continue today alongside modern methods using all kinds of natural and modern synthetic materials so that today we can offer the customer a vast array of options.

The success of Crown Artist Brush is strengthened by the commitment from every employee. Using their expertise, we ensure that only quality products are produced to the highest level. We have the ability to be creative and innovative allowing us to offer the customer immense flexibility in areas such as Private Label, Brush Customisation, small brush batch sizes, rapid and specialised delivery with a dedicated customer service.